Polish Historical Aircraft Foundation

The Polish Historical Aircraft Foundation undertook a very difficult task - the construction of a FLYING replica of the PZL P11c aircraft.

This fighter, together with the PZL.37 Łoś bomber, is a Polish icon of the interwar period. It is important to us that the plane we want to re-build is as faithful as possible to its original. Therefore, we precisely catalogued the construction of the only existing copy found at the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow. Based on the obtained data and few archival materials, we are creating production documentation. PZL P.11c is a testimony to the technical advancement of Polish aviation industry in the early 1930s, as well as the talent and vast knowledge of our engineers. It's worth taking every effort to see this unique fighter jet in the sky.

The whole project is financed for now only with own funds and payments from private individuals. The stages related to the largest financial commitment - the completion of documentation and the start of production - are ahead of us.

Thank you to all for material and non-material support so far. Each subsequent payment brings us closer to achieving the main goal - the first flight of the famous P11 after the war. We are inviting you to cooperate.

Funders and Board