Work progress

(1/6) Preliminary project

  1. Geometries
  2. Completion of equipment
  3. Truck analysis of the airplane
  4. Aerodynamic project of the airplane
  5. Secondary loads

(2/6) Technical project

  1. Construction documentation
  2. Calculation documentation

(3/6) Production of the replica

  1. Gathering the necessary amount of materials in the right assortment to produce the components of the aircraft structure and the necessary production equipment
  2. Production of the required amount of fine-grained dural sheet
  3. Production of tooling:
    • detail molds
    • mounting devices: hull (shell part and both trusses), chassis, wings, horizontal tail, vertical tail, engine bed, exhaust manifold, Townend ring
  4. Creating parts and assemblies of the aircraft structure
  5. The assembly of the plane, equipping it and painting
  6. Notification of completion of the construction and readiness of the aircraft for flight tests

(4/6) External loads of the aircraft

(5/6) Preparation for the flight

  1. Development of programs (agreed with ULC - KCSP)
  2. Conduct of static tests
  3. Analysis of areo-elasticity properties
  4. Ground trials
  5. Developing an accompanying documentation
  6. Flight tests

(6/6) After completing flight tests

  1. Publishing a flight test report
  2. Release of the full use instructions
  3. Release of the instructions for providing flight airworthiness

Final remarks

The airplane will be built in the "SPECIAL" category in sub-category S5 on the basis of: RULES FOR ALLOWING AIR FLIGHTS OF A CATEGORY "SPECIAL" AND GENERAL PROCEDURE FOR ISSUING A PERMISSION TO EXERCISE FLIGHTS IN A "SPECIAL" CATEGORY. Introduced by Decision Nr 4 GILC from the 22 III 2001.